Celebrating Life, Love & the Mitten State.    

Greetings from the Pretty Mitten State!  Join us in celebrating Life, love and the great State of Michigan -- the "cutest" shaped state in the nation!


Pretty Mitten Designs™ capture the charm of the Mitten State ... and celebrate it with affection and whimsy.   Every mitten charm is our exclusive design.  Each piece of Pretty Mitten jewelry is handmade in Michigan with love -- and it shows!  


Our designs are inspired by Michigan’s unique silhouette, its lovely landscapes and its seasonal beauty.  The Mitten State provides us with an amazing natural palette, and our materials reflect that beauty.  Shades of "Great Lakes" blue echo the colors of water and sky.  Accents of Petoskey stones, hematite, red jasper, and copper add warm and earthy elements to our designs -- and all are found here in Michigan. 


Pretty Mitten Designs

By:  Just So!